Fashion is culture

“Fashion is Culture”: how to discover the heart of Milan, unveiling places, stories, secrets

Elesta Travelling Passion, a tour operator with an artistic direction specialized in cultural tourism, presents its newest itinerary, “Fashion is Culture,” dedicated to exploring the inseparable bond between the city of Milan and the world of fashion.

Fashion is culture

The tour aims to offer participants a unique experience, taking them behind the scenes of the creative process that defines the birth of a fashion collection. Through a packed itinerary including visits to ateliers, showrooms, and creative studios, complemented by encounters with artisans, designers, and trendsetters, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Milanese fashion culture and uncover the secrets that have made this city the international capital of the fashion world.

Fashion is culture - Elesta Travelling Passion

Milan has always been considered one of the global destinations for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals, and with the ‘Fashion is Culture’ tour, we aim to provide travelers with an authentic experience,” says Elena Sisti, co-founder of Elesta. “We will guide them to meet the industry’s key players and to visit laboratories, showrooms, museums, providing the opportunity to fully grasp the charm and intricate network of realities, artisanal skills, creativity, vision, and design capabilities that underpin the Milanese fashion world.”

The tour conceived by Elesta’s travel designers will not only explore the current fashion landscape in Milan but also offer an in-depth look at its history and evolution over the decades. From legendary ateliers to iconic boutiques, participants will have the opportunity to grasp the historical legacy that has shaped the city’s identity, broadening their perspective to include some significant neighboring realities, particularly areas with a pronounced textile vocation such as the Como region.

Fashion is culture- Elesta

“Fashion is culture” is being introduced at a particularly significant moment for the city and fashion enthusiasts: Milan Fashion Week, which annually attracts industry professionals and fashion aficionados from around the world, reaffirming its position on the international fashion scene from economic, cultural, and creative standpoints.

It represents a unique opportunity for visitors to explore Milan from a particular standpoint, uncovering the inseparable link between fashion and the culture of this city.

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